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Pergatitja e historise me Fotografi

Materiale per lexim, perpara se te filloni me punen:

http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/storytelling-photography/ [Material per te marre bazat]

http://clpmag.org/content/downloads/101_Photo.pdf [Material per te marre bazat]

http://www.newsu.org/courses/language-image [Kurs online ne lidhje me fotografine per reporteret]

Photoshopi dhe perpunimi Photografive:

Photoshop: How to Resize and Save Photos for the Web, Mark Berkey-Gerard [VIDEO SCREENCAST]
Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for versions 5 through CS4, Trevor Morris [REFERENCE LIST]


Udhezime per ndertimin e nje historie me fotografi: